Wednesday Kitchen Wishes

“Wednesday Wishes” is a forum I run over at 3 Sides of Crazy showcasing my whole ‘wish list’. I thought I’d run it here too showcasing only the pertinent kitchen tools and utensils.
I love this stainless steel mesh pie bottom to prevent soggy crusts and the “additional” measuring spoons that this set offers from The Home Market place.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Kitchen Wishes

  1. Hi, Tamy! I have to say, I just love those spoons – I halve or double baking recipes all the time and it's so hard to get the measurements just right. I love the adorable "smidgen, pinch, and dash" spoons that site has too.

  2. Hi Cheryl, Me too ~ aren't they just adorable? I hardly ever make a whole recipe these days or I'm making a double batch. I actually have 3 sets of spoons so that I always have a clean one the right size, but LOL I would make room to add this set anytime!

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